Rock Your Massage Practice Academy
with Rebecca de Azevedo Overson, LMT, Business Mentor and Coach for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.

24 Hours from now, you’ll be laying the foundation for your own successful massage practice - Without wasting hours, money, and brain cells trying to figure out where to start!

Does this sound familiar?:

You are scrolling late at night through Facebook groups, again, looking for advice and information about your massage practice.

Reading. Posting. Watching free videos.

You are drowning in information. 

What are the first steps? What are the next steps? What should YOU do?

You post a question about your niche… You get 117 answers that leave you more confused.

Maybe you get brave and throw your ideas for your business name out there in a post.

Half the commenters like it, the other half shoot it down.

You spend hours and hours trying to find answers to your questions, but that process leaves you with more questions. 

You’re beginning to wonder if you can really have the business you dream of, and all sorts of crazy questions start running through your head:

Are my ideas even good? Can I do this? 

Where do I start? How do I do this the right way?

Is this whole self-employed thing even worth it?

My clients in my 8-week Rock Your Massage Practice Academy have been doing amazing things. Even during COVID. During shutdowns, they started working ON their businesses, solving problems, and implementing strategies. 

They upleved their skills. 

They took my other courses like hypnotherapy, or finished their Transformational Healing Coach certifications and began working online with clients. 

Many of you have been scared to make  the big commitment to go all-in on building your own successful massage practice.

If you are thinking of starting, wanting to start, or restarting your practice, who maybe aren’t ready for our full Academy….

but want to do SOMETHING to dip your toe in the pool so that you can go ahead and get started…

Knowing that you have built a solid foundation….

I present to you THAT Program! 

It’s called Jumpstart Your Massage Practice. 

Who this is for:

The Story behind Why I created JUMPSTART Your Massage Practice:

This course is an answer to a demand for help.
A demand for clarity.

And quite frankly, I couldn’t stand it any longer –

I have spoken on the phone to literally THOUSANDS of massage therapists who need help with their practices – serious help – like SOS help. They filled out their application and booked a 60-minute strategy session so we could look together at what the real problems are and how to fix them.

We found that six out of ten people were a good fit and wanted my help. And 100% of those wanted what I offer in my 8-week mentoring program, Rock Your Massage Practice, but quite frankly, only about three out of ten were in a position to invest in it. (it is not cheap.)

What about the others?

Some pulled it together and came back later, but that was 1 in 1000.

But What about the others? I kept asking. How could I help?

I know that in order to succeed in business for oneself, a massage therapist has to be committed, coachable, and resourceful. I know it takes a HUGE investment to truly thrive in business, and I don’t mean and investment of money, but also emotional resources, time, energy, attention, and focus. It. is. HARD. I have a massive success rate in my mentoring program – but It. Is. HARD. And because of that, I know that not everyone is ready to go all in or able to go all in….

But they still wanted a roadmap. 

So here it is.

If you are wondering where to start with your business….

Or where to re-start with your business….

If you are in the middle of your business but something isn’t working….

This is where you can start.

This is not a program about booking and rebooking. This is not a program about how to even get clients. Why? That’s not what most therapists need and that is NOT the first step! Ever!

Almost always, the question I hear the most in my free Facebook Group is: “How do I get clients?”

And almost always the question I fire back is, “Who are you trying to get on your massage table?”

And if the answer is “anyone” or “everyone” – I already know we have a big problem and you should not be trying to get clients…..yet.

The problem is, most therapists don’t think about the BUSINESS side of things, only the SERVICES they offer. If your business doesn’t have the proper foundations, you can’t offer your services very well.

It doesn’t matter what you do to get clients, nor does it matter how many clients you have. It’s like putting the roof on a house that doesn’t even have walls yet.

You must build the foundation first, no exceptions, or you’ll topple. So, this course is to ensure you have the proper foundation for a practice.

You need the proper foundations, especially if you are still in massage school, or have worked for others but want to go on your own, or are wondering why your current practice isn’t working as well as you’d like it to.

Having coached hundreds of massage therapists personally, to double, triple, quadruple their income – to be fully booked in record time – to make more of an impact and more income than they’ve ever made…

I have proven my systems and the thinking behind them.

Right now, you’ve got to realize that many therapists have actually ignored the basic foundations of a business — they just think “I have a table, I’ll go rally some clients!”

This is a mistake. And I just can’t see amazing, gifted healers unwittingly commit career harikari anymore. This is the most comprehensive, affordable solution to your problems, and I’m so excited for you to dive in.

I want to help you succeed and these mini lessons extracted from my 8-week Academy have already proven successful – so I’m giving you a few of them here, to help you get started THE RIGHT WAY so that you don’t have to go back and do it all over again.

Follow my process. It works. And if you decide you want full help at any point, reach out. If we decide to do mentoring together, your tuition for Jumpstart Your Massage Practice DIY course will be 100% applied to your tuition for Rock Your Massage Practice with the full support of my team.

Let’s do this!



Contents of the Jumpstart Program:

Module 1: 
  • Orientation and welcome
  • Is your business properly set up? 
  • Let’s talk mindset
  • Identifying money blocks 
  • Clearing money blocks
  • Freedom from fear workshop
  • Wrap up of Module 1
Module 2: 
  • Why you need a niche (a niche is NOT a modality, and niche will NOT limit you!)
  • How to Discover your niche – I have a handy chart for you. Just follow the process. 
  • Refine your niche – make sure you’ve got the right one and that there’s a market for it.
Module 3: 
  • Key marketing messaging – How the heck to talk about who you are and who do you work with — in terms non-massage therapists can easily understand
  • Researching your niche — holy cow you’ll learn a LOT. 
  • Naming your business – business names in our field usually SUCK. Don’t let that be you. 
  • Knowing your numbers – no amount of clients will fix prices that are too low to succeed. The numbers have to work, or you’ll work yourself to death. 

Module 4: 

  • Why You NEED professional graphic design and what it can do for your business image
  • Web Design Necessities – my checklist of what should and shouldn’t be on each page of your website
  • The Theory of Web Design – so that you can finally understand how to get your site to convert clicks into customers.
Module 5: 
  • Next Steps in your practice

Single Payment

$ 997
  • Single Payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Updates

2 Payments

$ 547
  • 2 Split Payments
  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Updates

Things you should know about this course:

This course is created by a multiple six-figure practice bodyworker, for bodyworkers of any kind – legal ones. RMTs, CMTs, LMTs, MTs, Reiki practitioners, foot zoners, Estheticians, Bowen workers…. If you do bodywork or massage therapy or hands-on healing work of any kind, this is for you.  This course works no matter where you live or practice. 

This course is self-paced. Modules unlock automatically for you every 7 days from enrollment.

This course is entirely delivered online, via an online classroom portal with progressive lessons via video, written word, and handouts. You have lifetime access (unless you do something to get kicked out. Let’s not go there.)

You simply need an email address to which we can send your login after you enroll, and access to the internet to take this course. 

You will receive immediate access to the course once you enroll. Check your inbox, or your junk mail, as it may get filtered out.

We offer a pay-in-full discount or break the tuition down into 2 easy payments, 30 days apart. Payment is accepted via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express only. 

For best results, we recommend you complete the course in the 5 weeks allotted, and dedicate 1-2 hours a week to working ON your business with this coursework. No course on the planet will work for you if you don’t show up, apply the teachings, do the thinking, and take action.

Due to the content being digital in nature, there are no refunds issued after you enroll. Do not enroll if you are not going to actually complete the course, or if you are going to complain incessantly or make excuses or be a pain in the ass. We want to work with awesome people, and we are on a mission to elevate the massage industry by teaching the BUSINESS side of bodywork. So, please consider carefully before you enroll in this course and feel free to ask us any questions before you enroll in the course so that you are as confident as you can be that it will serve you to participate. 

That being said, if you did the course fully, and it taught you nothing new, got you nowhere, and was totally unhelpful, simply prove that you have in fact completed the course, and done all the homework within 60 days, and we will happily consider a refund of half your tuition, or a full credit of your tuition towards any of my other public courses, such as Creating Your Future, 3-day Modern Hypnosis Certification, Transformational Healing Coach Training Level 1, Maternity Massage Level 1 training, Pregnancy Massage Basics Training, or Rock Your Massage Practice Academy* (by application*.)

Due to the low entry price of this program, there are no coaching calls or staff support in this program. It is DIY. We are currently, however, offering limited support in a facebook group for feedback and communication as you go through the program, and we will invite you to that group once you are inside the program.

This course does not currently offer CEUs but we are in the process of obtaining them through the NCBTMB and if we do, they can be issued retroactively for up to 12 months prior, upon completion of a simple test and feedback form. Hooray. 

This program does not teach strategies for getting clients. (Our 8-week Rock Your Massage Practice Academy does include that information.) You must have this foundation we help you build in Jumpstart Your Massage Practice before you try to get clients.  

If at any time you would like to see about upgrading to our 8-week rock your massage practice academy, you may apply here: and if we determine it’s a good fit, we will apply your tuition from Jumpstart Your Massage Practice into Rock Your Massage Practice, which includes ridiculous amounts of love, hands on help, support, and coaching.